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Nova Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Mishawaka. Learn more about Nova Basement Systems's recent work requests in Mishawaka and nearby areas!

Learn more about Nova Basement Systems' recent work requests in Mishawaka, IN
Vicinity of Hearthstone Drive in Mishawaka
It gets cold easily and I would like to be able to store boxes. Also, I would like to take out a foot or less of dirt if we can, depending on the cost.
Vicinity of Hummel Drive in Mishawaka
Just need it finished
Vicinity of Peachtree Lane in Mishawaka
I just had a new sump pump installed and now the pump is making loud noises and spitting out intermittent amounts of water with stones and sand in it. The plumbers suggested I have my perimeter system checked out.
Vicinity of S Lori Lane Ct in Mishawaka
Hairline cracks in poured half-wall and cracks in floor leaked during recent downpours.
Vicinity of Woodhouse Dr in Mishawaka
I would like a quotation on a preventative maintenance service call on my sump pump and dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Filbert Road in Mishawaka
Is there any possibility of a contractor coming out to plug some leaky cracks in the basement Friday morning? I am trying to get the cracks patched up to stop the flow of water coming into the basement. Then only someone can come to clean up and remove the water. Thank you
Vicinity of Briarton Dr in Mishawaka
Sump pump/ existing drain not keeping up in extreme events.
Vicinity of Beall Ct in Mishawaka
Cracks and crumbling walls in basement
Vicinity of Alex Way in Mishawaka
Water in finished basement
Vicinity of Hodson Avenue in Mishawaka
We have water damage and mold in our basement. We need waterproofing on one side of our house.
Vicinity of Rivers Edge Court in Mishawaka
I have 695 sq ft of crawl space that is poorly covered and insulated. I would like to find out the cost of a better covering. There is no water problem.
Vicinity of Autumn Trails Dr in Mishawaka
We have a 2/3 finished basement and noticed a wet carpet in the middle of the floor of the basement. We then looked in the storage room and noticed significant amount of "dampness" where concrete is touching the wood framing, water softener, and anything else on the floor. We are looking to get this permanently fixed.
Vicinity of in Mishawaka
. I have some floorboards that are bowing and some water seeping through my basement walls
Vicinity of West Grove Street in Mishawaka
Foundation issues getting water in basement everytime it rains
Vicinity of West Marion in Mishawaka
Vicinity of Edgewater Drive in Mishawaka
We are having water issues in our finished basement and are in need of an estimate for problem discovery and repair. My wife called over the weekend, but I thought I would submit a form as well. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!
Vicinity of Jenny Lane in Mishawaka
I have a tri level and this past huge rain storm my basement flooded completely w about 5 inches of water but my crawl space leaks every time it rains and I have one corner that always is wet when it rains. I need help to figure out why my basement is wet every time it rains. I have two asmatic kids and can not afford mold in my house. I need the truth and. It someone who is just trying to rap me over the coals for money.
Vicinity of Prescott Drive in Mishawaka
Crawl is approximately 14' x 136' / 4' height. 16" oc floor joists. Would like a cross beam added with jacks to prevent future sagging.
Vicinity of Bremen Hwy in Mishawaka
We have two drains in our basement and a drain in our driveway that we need to find out where they drain to. Would also like a price putting in a sump pump.
Vicinity of Peachtree Lane in Mishawaka
Heavy rains caused flooding in the crawlspace and the water is NOT receding. Sump pump does not appear to be working.
Vicinity of W Grove St in Mishawaka
I have sagging floor in dining room that needs a pole to support the ceiling in basement.
Vicinity of Prospect Dr. in Mishawaka
Sump pump is leaking.
Vicinity of W LAWRENCE ST in Mishawaka
Looking for a quote to have lawnscape installation from four downspouts at corners of home. Currently hooked into sewer system but not functioning correctly.
Vicinity of Currant Rd. in Mishawaka
Commercial business needing quote on French drain and drywell system ASAP. Thanks,
Vicinity of Ardennes Ave in Mishawaka
Crack in foundation, water leaking in, floors are falling, door frames have come away from wall, closets fallen, doors have fallen off. Underneath is very dirty and needs to be vaccumed out somehow. Do you do all this work or only part? Do you have financing or not?
Vicinity of East Lawrence St in Mishawaka
Moisture in our basement and damaged cracked concrete
Vicinity of South Lake George Dr in Mishawaka
I have a crack in my ceiling and some separation of my floor boards that indicates a settling problem, I think.
Vicinity of Bittersweet Rd. in Mishawaka
How much to install vapor barrier in a 24x35ft crawl space?
Vicinity of in Mishawaka
Water in basement.
Vicinity of Esther Ave in Mishawaka
I have a vented crawl space under an apartment attached to my garage that I rent out. It has a dirt floor, the insulation is falling down, and the ducting for the heat/ac is not insulated.
Vicinity of N. Cedar St. in Mishawaka
Cracked/chipping concrete in basement walls
Vicinity of Huntington Place in Mishawaka
I would like an estimate on waterproofing my basement.
Vicinity of in Mishawaka
Efflorescence build up on All basement walls
Vicinity of E Jefferson Road in Mishawaka
Concrete block basement starting to let in water
Vicinity of in Mishawaka
Basement is a bit damp, some mold growth. House is for sale and want to address issues before they cause a problem with potential offers.
Vicinity of Meridian St in Mishawaka
We would like to find out how much it would cost to waterproof our basement.
Vicinity of E. Borley Ave in Mishawaka
We have a crawlspace that is wet, cold and has no insulation under the home flooring.
Vicinity of E. Omer Ave. in Mishawaka
We bought a home and found bowing in the block basement walls. need it checked to make sure home is safe to live in and see what needs to be done to fix it.
Vicinity of Poppy Ct. in Mishawaka
Crawl space vapor barrier
Vicinity of Berlin Avenue in Mishawaka
I have water leaking in basement when it rains and there is mold on the walls in the areas where it come in.
Vicinity of Elmwood in Mishawaka
You visited my house last year. Finally tore the wall off to expose the crack. Need a quote to fix.
Vicinity of Carlton in Mishawaka
Bowed/cracked block foundation wall. also stair step cracks.
Vicinity of Calhoun St. in Mishawaka
Would like a quote on a crawl space vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Mishawaka
Water in basement after rains.
Vicinity of W Broadway St in Mishawaka
Noticed water leaking in to the basement during the storm last night. The carpet in the basement was wet in at least one spot and a small room in the basement leaks from the ceiling.
Vicinity of Steeplechase Drive in Mishawaka
I have a very fine crack that runs top to bottom on a basement wall. The leak shows about 4 ft down when we get heavy rains for more than a day or so. Im interesting in the epoxy crack injection.
Vicinity of Gilman Drive in Mishawaka
Would like a quote on crawl space repair to re-hang insulation and better vapor barrier.

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