Winter Months Can Effect Your Foundation

Monday, January 31st, 2011 by Rosie Martin

During the winter months in Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan, we get large amounts of lake effect snow from Lake Michigan. It can snow as much as 36" in one weekend. Then we usually get a little warm up where some of the snow will melt. This goes on from October through as late as April. These freezes and thaws can reap havoc on your foundations. Resulting in the need for foundation repair in Michigan and Indiana.


Snow builds up on top of your roof; due to heat lost from your attic the underneath lining of the snow begins to melt. The water fills up your gutters which freeze and icicles form. In some parts of Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan, the icicles get so dangerous, that people try multiple ways to rid them, such as installing gutter heaters. These gutter heaters may keep icicles from forming, but the water is still dumping next to your foundation.


The soil next to your foundation does not freeze solid due to the fact that on the other side of the cement wall it is warm. The clay soil particles can expand several times their normal size and likewise contract. These expanding particles put pressure on your foundation walls causing them to crack or bow inward.


The foundation walls are now bowing inward and if left untreated can collapse. Water may even begin to seep through the cracks into your basement or crawlspace. At Nova Basement Systems we have 2 solutions for bowing walls and can fix the cracks. These solutions have a lifetime transferable warranties. Call today for your FREE Evaluation. 1-833-682-4977. Nova Basement Systems offers basement, crawlspace and foundation contractors in Mishawaka, South Bend, and Crown Point Indiana.






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